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The Constitution of TAS provides for the election during the spring semester of officers to serve the following academic year. Nomination forms are provided for members' use.

The Constitution also provides that members of the ACCOUNTING HONOR SOCIETY shall be eligible for nomination to any office; any member of TAS shall be eligible for nomination to the office of Secretary and Treasurer. A list of members who are eligible for these offices is provided with the nomination form.

Members are encouraged to use the nomination form (1) to place their own name, if eligible, on the TAS ballot for any of the four offices which they desire and for which they are eligible, or (2) to nominate other eligible members whom they believe to be good candidates for the offices. Members may be nominated for up to two offices; when listed for more than one office, the nominee's preference of offices must be indicated in case the candidate should be elected to more than one office. When nominating another member, the nominator should verify that the nominee is willing to serve if elected.

Input from graduating seniors is welcomed and needed; seniors should think of members whom they believe have the potential of serving the membership of TAS, and should encourage them to apply or secure their permission to nominate them. One of the legacies seniors can leave is knowing that TAS leadership is in good hands.

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